Boris Acosta Logo based on the Taurus ConstellationBoris Acosta speaks 4 languages fluently and although he has lived most of his life in the United States, has lived in 8 countries altogether.

When he was a college student, he was invited to be part of a short film, where he played a nerd chess player as the main actor. In 1989 he produced and directed a 6-hour series video teaching Calculus problems solving titled "Calculus Tutor – Step-by-Step Problem Solutions".

In 1999, Boris Acosta was one of 12 people selected, among several hundreds, to participate in a VISA (card) Start-Up Business contest.  Later on, he was nominated for the Ernst and Young Entrepreneur of the year award in both 2000 and 2001.

In 2002, Mr. Acosta decided to change his business and started a professional career in film, devoting to teach the world about Dante's Divine Comedy and its importance in our everday lives.  So, he slowly taught himself the art of producing and directing films, a path that he casually started when he was just 8 years young. 

Several years later, while in the process of development of the live-action film of Dante’s Inferno, he produced two medium-length films, Dante’s Inferno - Abandon All Hope, a black and white documentary featuring most of Gustave Dore's lithographs and excerpts from the first live action Italian film L'Inferno (1911). The second medium-length film is an animation narrated in English titled Dante’s Hell Animated, as well as its Italian version titled Inferno Dantesco Animato. The latter is spoken in primitive Italian and Dante’s own poetic words, the first film of its kind in history. Finally, he produced and directed Dante's Hell the first feature epic hybrid film in history based on Dante Alighieri's masterpiece, The Divine Comedy.

I studied all Dante’s literary works, including The Divine Comedy (Inferno, Purgatory and Paradise) in his primitive Italian language, as part of my Italian Literature Minor at UCLA (University of California, Los Angeles). Since then, I’ve always said that studying The Divine Comedy was my best experience in college and one of my best experiences in life. It changed my life, my view of the world and it made me grow up very fast. From then on, until the present, I have been preaching to everybody the importance of reading The Divine Comedy. Why? Because it is not just a story of the afterlife, but also the most powerful love story ever written, the one of a man that went through the worst experience one can have. Furthermore, it is the story about YOU, yes each one of us.

I never pursued doing any work based on The Divine Comedy, until over 20 years after I studied it. It all happened casually and unexpectedly. One day, I realized I had the knowledge to take on the big task of making the rest of the world aware of The Divine Comedy importance in our everyday lives.

While in pre-production of Dante’s Inferno live-action feature film, I came across a wise investor who said that this $55 million film could be either extremely successful or a complete flunk. I realized that he was completely right, particularly based on all the bad versions Hollywood produced since the successful Italian production of L’Inferno in 1911. It’s been over 100 years and since then, and nobody in the film industry has produced an epic live action film of Dante’s Inferno, let alone any worthy version of Dante’s caliber.

During the course of putting together a dream team to produce the live action film, it was brought to my attention that I needed to take a step back and produce smaller films to prove that the big one is a worthy investment for those that can bank it. I agreed and decided to produce 2 mendium length films of 39 minutes each, Abandon All Hope (documentary) and Dante’s Hell Animated (2D animation). In addition, I've been working to produce a trilogy starting with Dante's Hell, a 108-minute feature film to be released in 2022 and its sequels, Dante's Purgatory and Dante's Paradise to be release in 2023 and 2024 respectivelly. All are now in the final stages of post production and I hope they’ll pave the road for not only the big feature live-action film trilogy but also for the 3D animation trilogy. Dante's Hell will also be a great tool in the academic world for those studying The Divine Comedy.

The intention of my work has three main goals. First, to reach a wide audience to give them the tools to improve their lives. Second, to get people interested in reading the original book and have a direct experience with Dante Alighieri while he takes his reader by the hand on a journey of their own life. Third, to prepare a worldwide audience for a live-action feature film, presently in development.

I want to thank some people that have decided to be part of my journey in my life as follows...

I thank my investor, the entire cast in all my films as well as all professionals behind the camera, who without all of them, I could not have made any of my fims.

I specially thank a great person, who happen to be an uncle of mine, who without him my life would have been completely different. He doesn't like to make his name public on the Internet, so, he'll remain unanimous.

I thank another special human being, Lucia Checchi, who illuminated my life, and who made me company for 14 great years.

Finally, I thank the following people who have been very important and supportive of my entire work based on The Divine Commedy:

  • Armand Mastroianni
  • Massimo Ciavolella
  • Riccardo Pratesi
  • Sergio Ercolessi
  • Gianmario Pagano
  • DISCLAIMER: There are several people with the same name and last name as mine, at least 5 more. One of them is even a musician, which must not be confused with me for sure. So, please make sure I'm the person you wish to contact.

    You may contact me via Linkedin, Facebook and Twitter

    Thank you for your interest.

    Cordially Yours,

    Boris Acosta



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