Boris Acosta has written and produced several books during his lifetime, and not all about Dante's Inferno as shown below.

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Boris obtained a degree in Applied Mathematics from the University of California, so it is obvious to assume that he knows a lot about math. In fact, he was a math tutor while being a student himself. His classmates would line up to borrow his notes and homework solutions. Because of this, one of his classmates twisted his arms several times to convince him to write a book about solving Calculus problems. So, one day Boris gave in to the idea and started compiling some of his notes until he got enough to create a book he titled "Calculus Tutor" and sub-titled "Step-by-Step Problem Solutions". 

This book was self-pubished and sold at universities in San Diego, alongside a 6-hour long video that help comprehensive of this hard to learn math subject. The video featured Boris himself teaching how easily it was to solve problems without omitting a single step. 



In 1998, ebooks started to get the word out as a new publishing platform for writers of all genres. So, Boris was part of that waive too. He published several ebooks in public domains of his like. Off course, The Divine Comedy was the first one, very soon after came The Aneid by Virgil, The Illiad by Homer, Journey to the Center of the Earth by Jules Verne and all other major books by Verne as well.

He later published a big set of law books into ebooks to be used with the now infamous PDA, which he sold directly to lawyers through a website of his own and Amazon.com


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Server Side Includes is a technology to manage big websites hosted in Apache servers.

At one point in time Boris was running a website of his own which had over 400 pages, so everytime he needed to update it, he went crazy doing it page by page and wasting days and days doing so. Until one day, he thought it had to be a better way and after a lot of investigation, he found the golden key, Server Side Includes.

Because of his website dedicated to world exports, he was nominated twice in a row for the Ernst & Young Entrepreneur of the Year Award in 2000 and 2001.

After mastering the SSI technic he decided to share his learnings and new uses he found by experimenting himself and published this book, titled "Server Side Includes" and subtitled "How to Be in Control of Websites Using SSI".

'Inferno - The Art Collection' book of a 72-piece art collection  by Dino Di Durante.  

"Inferno - The Art Collection" by Dino Di Durante is a book depicting a 72-piece art collection based on Dante's Inferno, the first part of The Divine Comedy. This collection took over 9 years to complete and it is now printed in full color on 8.5"x11" books available in 33 languages. Click here to get your own copy in the language of your choice.

"Inferno - The Art Collection" 72-piece art collection by Dino Di Durante is also available in ebook format for all kinds of tablets and cellular phones despite the brand name or type. Click here to get your own copy in the language of your choice.

You can also click here to read a review of the book, which was titled "Dante's Inferno gets Re-Painted".

'Inferno - The Art Collection' book of a 72-piece art collection  by Dino Di Durante.  

Dante's Hell Decoded is the titled of a Thesis, Boris wrote after several years of study and research on his own about how Inferno could really be if existed like Dante said.

It is well known that Dante used many allegories in his Divine Comedy poem. So, that was a problem for Boris because he had to get inside Dante's mind to be able to understand what he meant in several passages of his intricate way of saying things. Many people take Dante's words literally, but for Boris everything must make sense or he'll keep on scratching his head until they do. For instance, when Dante mentioned "towers with fire on top", that's what most people visualize, but for Boris the towers with fire didn't make sense because someone must continuouly put burning wood or some kind of fuel for them to be that way in hell and forever. So, Boris thought that they have to be volcanoes to solve the mistery of having the fire alive. He came to this conclusion, not just because it was logical but also because Jules Verne was a big influence in him since he saw Journey to the Center of the Earth when he was a kid. One thing leads to another, they say, so he kept thinking about other things that on the surface sounded rediculous to believe, like tombs in hell - who made them? The Phleghethon river of blood - who's blood? And so on and so forth, until he concluded that the entire lower hell had to be a volcanic development, from the city of Dis wall to the 9th circle where Lucifer resides. So, this thesis is about explaining every single allegory Dante wrote, in a kind of a code that now will make sense for all readers and students alike.

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