When Boris Acosta was 8 years young, he produced and directed his first film wearing as many hats as any filmmaker could wear. He found a large magnifying glass, 15 cm in diameter, which he used to build a projector using a wooden box, with a hole in the front to fit the magnifying glass, and, with the help of his grandfather, put a light in the back of the box. He bought two issues of the same comic magazine, which he cut into strips and glued them together by their edges to make a big roll out of them. He put the roll of comic strips in between the light and the magnifying glass and projected it on the wall. One could say that this was the first home projector ever, but he never thought of it that way. However, this was certainly Acosta's first film.

Below is a summary of some of Boris Acosta's films that have been released and will be released soon. Although there are more films in post-production, they will be added here as time allows. Nevertheless, you can see the entire public list of films here.

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Dante's Inferno - Abandon All Hope (2008) was Boris Acosta's first professional film, which premiered at the Cannes Film Festival in France, and later was part of the Rhode Island Film Festival in the United States and the Fantastik Film Festival in Lund, Sweden, all out of competition. It was certainly a thrilling experience in all respects. This film features many illustrations by Gustave Dore as well as clips from Inferno (1911) film, so it made sense to make the whole documentary in black and white, which later inspired the film "The Artist" to be produced in black and white as well, which ended up winning an Oscar.  

Dante's Inferno - Abandon All Hope, a 42-minute film, features Jeff Conaway, Vincent Spano, Nia Peeples, Patrick Kilpatrick and Martin Cove among other celebrities. Watch the trailer by clicking here.   This film is available on Amazon here.


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Dante's Hell Animated (2013) was not a film planned in itself. There was no budget for it, nor the intention to make it the way it ended up to be. It started with Mr. Acosta's idea of making a few clips to enhance a new documentary in color and full feature. So, after a few clips were produced based on Dino Di Durante's 72-piece collection, the excitement of seeing art coming alive in motion, the idea of putting together some clips ended up in producing more and more until it became a film in itself. So, later on with Eric Roberts coming on board, as well as other celebrities now in this film, the rest is history. Dante's Hell Animated, a 39-minute film, is a real jewel which features Eric Roberts as Dante, Vincent Spano as Virgil and Nia Peeples as Beatrice, among a long list of celebrities. Watch the trailer by clicking here.   This film is available on Amazon here.

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Divine Journey (2017–2018) is a webseries about how Boris Acosta got to produce and direct films, art, and music based on Dante's Divine Comedy, starting with Inferno. He explains how difficult the road has been to achieve his purpose in life, why some films have taken so long to produce and finally be released for public viewing one film at a time. "Divine Journey" is a semi-finalist in the Los Angeles CineFest film festival. Webisodes in order of production are as follows:

"My Divine Comedy Experience". Click here to read
"The Beginning, Dante's Inferno live action film script". Click here to read
"The Divine Team, Investors". Click here to read
"Producing First Inferno films". Click here to read
"Producing Inferno animation films and the Inferno Art Collection". Click here to read

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Dante's Infernal Journey (2019) is the Dante's Inferno story told in 9 minutes featuring the complete 72-piece art collection by Dino Di Durante. Dante's Infernal Journey is a music video from the official song of the film Dante's Hell feature film, see below. This short film, featuring the voices of Dino Di Durante, Gennady Tkachenko-Papizh and Ella Jebelean, is now participating in several festivals worldwide, which premiered out of competition at the Animation Day in Cannes. Currently, it has been selected as a semi-finalist at the Los Angeles CineFest and Roma Cinema DOC. Also, it is a finalist at "Euro Fest" European International Film Festival, the Grecanica International Film Festival, Rosarito International Film Festival and the European Film Festival (Mainstream & Underground).  This film is available on Amazon here.

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Inferno Dantesco Animato (2020) is the Italian version of Dante's Hell Animated, spoken in primitive Italian and Dante's own words. It features Franco Nero as the narrator, Vittorio Gassman as Dante, Silvia Colloca as Beatrice, and Vittorio Matteucci as Virgil, among several known Italian celebrities.

Inferno Dantesco Animato has just been released on Amazon Prime, it won "Best Edited Film" at the Rosarito International Film Festival in Mexico, although it was a work-in-progress film at the time. Inferno Dantesco Animato premiered as a final version at the Ravenna Nightmare film festival in November 2020 and soon after it was released as VOD.

Watch the trailer by clicking here.  This film is available on Amazon here.

Click to visit Settembre Dantesco web page   Dantes Glorious Return (2021) is a short documentary about the importance of Dante's remains to be sent from Ravenna to Florence, as Dante's last wish written by himself in Paradise XXV of The Divine Comedy.

Dante's Glorious Return is presented by Franco Nero, introduced by Armand Mastroianni and features Loreena McKennitt's famous song “Dante's Prayer” in its complete and instrumental version. Boris Acosta is the sole narrator. This film is available for free on YouTube here. Feel free to share it.

Dante Alighieri passed away in Ravenna, Italy in 1321 and since then his remains have been highly protected by Ravenna's Frati Francescani for the last 700 years. However, Mr. Acosta argues that time has come for them to let go and put all politics and economics aside for Dante's love. Read the Press Release issued on December 25, 2021 by clicking here.

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Dante's Hell (2022) is a very special film, which has taken 13 years to produce, simply because Mr. Acosta was not fully satisfied until he made it easy for people to understand such a complex story. In the production process, he had to direct a 72-piece art collection painted by Dino Di Durante, which is now printed in books and available in 33 languages and several formats. This alone took 9 years to finalize. Mr. Acosta also wrote a thesis titled "Dante's Hell Decoded", where he explains how Hell was a natural development in a hollow Earth and how it took place, circle by circle. This is the first time in film history that somebody has attempted to document Dante's Inferno in as much detail as possible while at the same time engaging the audience tight to their seats. "Dante's Hell" certainly has a spectacular value in itself, especially for anyone who has the desire to approach Dante's literary masterpiece and be transported to the discovery of the rich descriptions of his universe, but also it has all the characteristics to become an indispensable learning tool.

Dante's Hell, an Oscar quality 108-minute feature film, is based on the greatest Christian story ever written after The Gospel, Dante Alighieri's literary masterpiece The Divine Comedy - Inferno, Purgatory and Paradise.

Dante's Hell is a hybrid film like never seen before, leaving no stone unturned in Hell.  It features Eric Roberts, Franco Nero, Vincent Spano, Nia Peeples, Veronica De Laurentiis, Jeff Conaway, Davide di Donatello winners Marco Bonini and maestro Vittorio Gassman, among over 30 celebrities, professors and scholars from both the US, the UK, and Italy, including a Monsignor from The Vatican.

This four-quadrant hybrid film is highly engaging, which submerges the audience like few films can accomplish it, which includes voice overs, celebrity appearances, animation clips, live action and documentary style story telling. Watch Dante's Hell trailer by clicking here. Dante's Hell will be released sometime in 2022, and later the two sequel documentaries, Dante's Purgatory in 2023 and Dante's Paradise in 2024.

Other films and webseries, yet to be added to this page can be seen here.


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