Dante's Inferno collage paintingDante's Hell music soundtrack was composed by Aldo De Tata and orchestrated by Maria Eolani, under Boris Acosta's direction. Directing music for Boris was far more natural than directing art, so this team is bringing an amazing soundtrack for a film that is just a documentary, but a unique one as well.

Both, Aldo De Tata and Maria Eloani, are superb musicians based in Switzerland and Russia respectively. Both of them are proven to be amazing in their profession, and this sountrack is another proof of their high skills in musicianship. Mr. De Tata has published 3 volumes of piano music: "Cosmic Interference", "Tensor Field" and "Gates of the Mind". Maestro De Tata, besides being a great pianist is also a multi-instrumentalist, bassist, guitarist, flautist, cellist and drummer. Truly, in order to be able to compose orchestral music you must have a good knowledge and experience with as many instruments as possible. Click here and on the Amazon website here.

Boris Acostas' first introduction to the arts was in music when he was just 4 years young. He still remembers vividly watching his father playing with his band a set of different instruments. Later on, when he was just 8 years young, he put together a carnival band with friends from his neighborhood, where he played small conga. A few years later he started buying albums of upcoming bands, making a nice collection for himself, until he was invited to be a DJ at just 15 years young. He did so for a few years in four countries, and came to be a rising star depicted in several newspapers. He quit too early to continue to study in college, something that consumed his time. When he moved to UCLA to study The Divine Comedy and everything else Dante wrote, he was a concert goers in his free time. He met many of his hero musicians at the time and new heroes as music evolved. He eventually met some of his heroes, such as Peter Gabriel, David Bowie, Ian Anderson, Rick Wakeman, and many many more. He also met The Talking Heads, Bjorg and Eddie Vedder, who he has a particular story to tell about each one of them. Before meeting all Talking Heads musicians, Boris met Chris Frantz and his wife Tina Weimouth while touring with their side band, Tom Tom Club in 1989, who he made friends with for many years to come. He also met Bjorg when she was touring in the US with The Sugar Cubes, the band that she started her career with. At the time, Boris predicted to a very humble Bjorg that she would be famous star. Around the same time, he met Eddie Vedder while singing at a music contest in San Diego with his band, Bad Radio. He told Eddie they would win, and they did. After that, Boris and Eddie became pals and met every weekend in San Diego downtown to go to parties together. Boris also predicted Eddie he would be a big star, and the rest is history, read more here. So, all this made Boris a connoisseur in music and proved him to have a gift for recognizing great talent in a very short time after he heard their music.

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One day Boris was in Switzerland where he heard Aldo De Tata playing piano like few pianists can. So, when he heard Aldo playing "Smoke on the Water" by Deep Purple on piano, he was shocked how masterfully Aldo could play such a rock song on that instrument. De Tata later played Trilogy by the English progressive rock band Emerson, Lake & Palmer. At this point, Boris had to meet maestro De Tata to congratulate him and get his contact information.

Soon after, maestro De Tata was given the task to write the music for this film early in 2008 and it took a few months before Boris Acosta was satisfied with the final outcome. However, since Dante's Hell took 10 years to finalize its production, the film evolved and grew considerably since the time the first tracks were produced. So, later on in 2018, before the film premiere at the Cannes film festival, maestro Aldo De Tata wrote new music for the film, again under Boris Acosta's direction.

The official song, Dante's Infernal Journey, was made into a music video that has been shown in several film festivals around the world, and it is now available on YouTube for free. The music video features the voices of Dino Di Durante, Gennady Tkachenko-Papizh and Ella Jebelean. The lyrics were written by Dino Di Durante, and as he put it, it is an Infernal Journey story told in 7 minutes.












Dante's Hell soundtrack will soon be available on CD and MP3. Stay tuned!!!

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